We are happy to present the core team of the EnergyTorrent. You can see the core members of the team below. As with any other torrent network the more seeders – the better, the more peers – the better. It is the verу same story with EnergyTorrent project – the more people are contributing their skills, knowledge, time, creativity into open-source renewable energy – the better. So, join us and let`s hack together!

Andrij Zicnhenko,
Renewable energy activist


Renewable energy expert

Igor Biletskiy,
Engineer, inventor
Renewable energy expert

Andrij Bilokin,
Eco-activist, technologist

Olga Truten,
Engineer, biogas expert

Valentyna Okhlopkova,
Eco-activist, communicator


EnergyTorrent is an open project, so we are open to cooperate with other projects, teams and individuals. And here we are happy to present the partners we have so far:

Бери і Роби

EnergyTorrent is an open project, so we invite other organizations, initiatives and groups to partner and cooperate with us!