Nearing the assembly of first Stirling engine

EnergyTorrent project has some good news!

Stirling engine

We are finishing the machining of the details of our very first Stirling engine. 🙂

The sort of engine we wil be asembling soon is on the picture. It is not really a powerful one, but it is good as a first step. And for EnergyTorrent community it is an important one.

Why so important? There are several of reasons:

  • As people see some some kind of real technology implemented in metal by a small community they will understand what is possible to achieve in EnergyTorrent project 🙂
  • Stirling engine is one of those crucial items for a full-fledged energy construction set, since it can consume heat from any source

Will update soon on new stuff coming 🙂

For those who are not really familar with what Stirling engine is, here`s the link: