Open-source equipment prints solar panels every 15 seconds

The idea of open-source energy technologies gets more and more support of the inhabitants of our small blue-green planet 😉 . The two inventors of the Philippines – Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein (Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein) developed a “pocket” factory for printing small solar panels.

Свіжонадрукована сонячна панель

Shawn and Alex have developed the equipment that allows to automate the manual labor and the layout of small solar panels that are used in household appliances. According to them, this is exactly what will make the solar panels more popular because they are too expensive at the moment. Due to the large component of manual labor, small panels cost $1-2 per installed watt of power. At the same time the price of large panels is $ 0.65 for 1 watt.

The equipment that is being developed by Shawn and Alex is quite productive – it allows to print one panel segment every 15 seconds. But most importantly – it allows to do this in a home lab or in the garage!

Two inventors have received funds to develop their own equipment on Kickstarter and later they plan to make the technology open and cheaper. We are glad that there are like-minded people and looking forward to release of a new open energy technology! A little more information – the video and the links below.

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