Help our hackers to make the world greener!

By providing our hackers a mirror or materials to experiment with solar concentrators you’ll help with making solar power more accessible

Not only technology

Sunny hakathon SunnyDay is not just a competition between teams of hackers to win the prize. It is not only tech creativity and work on the best concentration scheme.


The desire to share knowledge and skills, the results of work with others is at the heart of this project. Therefore, participants will publish the results of their work in the form of open-source schemes, instructions “How to…” and other documentation.

We will share our work with the whole world, because we believe that the possibility to freely use solar energy and energy democracy – is worth investing time and effort. We believe that over time, our present experiments will grow into new businesses, social and private projects. And everyone without any exception will be able to use the results of our work.

Old mirror? – Give it to us!

In order to ensure our teams have the greatest possible scope for experimentation, we ask for your help. SunnyDay budget allows to buy certain amounts of materials, but the number of registered teams tells us that we need more.


 Please help hackers with the materials – and they will share with you their knowledge and results of their hard work.

We don’t need any new or extraordinary materials – just look around. If you have an old mirror, or you don’t know what to do with the old satellite antenna – we will be happy to help you to get rid of it. Whoknows, maybe thankfully to your old / unwanted thing some team will win $1K and make the best concentrator?

Most likely somewhere in your garage you can find things that will be useful for our hackers:

  • Glass mirrors  (including small)
  • Plastic mirrors (eg acrylic mirror)
  • Other mirrored surfaces
  • Old satellite antennas
  • Different types of binding
  • Tubes and pipes of small diameters
  • Slim fitting
  • Bolts, screws, brackets, binding
  • Left overs from USS Enterprise or international space station;) – kidding :))
  • Other

Where and how to give it?

If you have something from the above list and you’re ready to share these materials, here is what you should do:

  1. Take a photo of what you have
  2. Send this photo via email to zinchenko.andrij [at] with topic “materials for hackathon”
  3. We will contact you and agree how we can take the materials

Thank you!

Thanks in advance to all who respond and support our hackers.