Where are you located?

Our initial team comes from Kyiv (Ukraine) and our first lab for seeding EnergyTorrents is also in Kiyv. 🙂  But, the more peers, hubs and seeders are in our network, the more knowledge of open-source renewable energy we will spread. So, join up individually, create your own labs, come visit us.

Why there is no xxx technology among those you are working on?

EnergyTorrent is starting with several technologies aimed at   demonstrating the viability of open source approach for renewable energy. All of them are listed at “The Idea” page. We are aware that there are dozens of other technologies worth working on and open-sourcing. So, if you are ready to start your work on some renewable energy technology and share the results with the whole world – we are more than happy to have you in our friendly team!

Ready to become a seeder of the open source renewable energy? Join us!

Why EnergyTorrent?

We believe that the energy sector can be efficient and sustainable / eco-friendly only if it accepts the distributed approach to generation, transfer and consumption of energy. This can be done in a similar manner to popular Bittorent technology.

With more people helping each other to download and exchange data Bittorrent democratized access to many resources which were previously unavailable. For example, in the past after a release of new Linux version the FTP servers were dying from hundreds of thousands of users trying to update their software. Now these updates are mostly served through torrents and the release day is no more a nightmare for system administrators.

Bittorent gives us an example how a distributed technology which allows people to share common resources (internet connection) to get more from their cooperation than they could get individually.

We understand the downsides (many people use Bittorent for piracy) but one can not blame technology for people not being honest. We think that replicating the success of Bittorent and sharing common resources (knowledge and skills) for developing renewable energy technology that anyone will be able to benefit is a noble case.

Are you an NGO?

First of all EnergyTorrent is a community of energy hackers, inventors, enthusiasts, contributors of all kinds. And only then we are NGO or any other kind of institutional structure which are needed in order to operate.

I have a working prototype of a renewable energy technology. Can I commit it to EnergyTorrent?

Sure, you can. As long as copyright is OK and you are ready to share your work with a whole community.

Why you do this, anyway?

The answer is simple:

  • It is fun! 🙂 A true fun of engineering and co-creating great tech we can share with others
  • We believe that sustainable development needs more distributed energy generation
  • We think that true sustainability and environmental friendliness needs open knowledge and open technology