EnergyTorrent and KHackerSpace (Kharkiv) started joint steam engine assembly

Since the last week EnergyTorrent along with Kharkiv-based KhackerSpace started joint effort to assemble a first steam engine. Mykola Khrystenko – one of the active participant of Kharkiv tech community is the leader of the project on the side of our Kharkiv partners.

Mykola Khrystenko makes some magic with 3D printer components @KHackerSpace

Mykola Khrystenko along with a colleague works on the details of 3D printer in KHackerspace

Steam engine is one of the important components of the renewable energy construction set that is being developed by EnergyTorrent team. This well-known and well-tested technology (which is also very reliable) can be used in various applications. Efficiently transforming heat into mechanical energy steam engine can be an important part in generating mechanical and electric energy in cases when the thermal energy is available. The source of the heat can be, for example, solar light or burning of the biomass.

For now we have taken as a base an existing steam engine developed by American inventor Robert Green.We can not share his technical drawings, since the copyright belongs to him. Though, machining and assembling this type of a motor is an important start for us. After testing it we will be working on our own versions of steam engine which will fit best the needs of using renewable energy sources.

A part of 2-cylinder steam engine drawings

A fragment of 2-cylinder steam engine drawings

And once again – EnergyTorrent is an open project, so if you are interested to join the team working on our steam engine – we will be more then glad (yah, that includes cookies). We are also open to new ideas, so if you are ready to propose an implement new technical approaches or technologies – you are also welcome. Join in!