SunnyDay hackathon invites to make solar energy closer

First Ukrainian solar technology hackathon SunnyDay invites hackers and renewable energy enthusiasts. All those who believe that their tech talents multiplied by joint efforts can make renewable energy closer to each dweller of the planet are invited. All those who are ready to take drills, angle grinders, welding machines and cutters in their hands, those who are not afraid to work with various tools and make practical experiments are invited to join us in Kyiv on June 21-23rd.

Focusing on concentration (CSP)

During the 3-day event hacker teams will compete for prises and title of best solar concentrators developers. We are aiming to make this promising renewable energy technology ultimately accessible for those people  who are ready to use tools and visit  building store

Knowledge for the whole planet

Modern smart-phones and planes once also started as experiments of hackers, who were freely sharing their knowledge and forever changed whole industries. And we are inviting you to change yet another industry with joint efforts and inspiration. We talk about energy.

So, if you are ready to work along with us on the product which will be freely available through open-source license for the people globally and will make solar energy more accessible for dozens, hundreds and thousands of people all over the world – register and come to our hackathon.

You think that energy products is just a realm of commercial companies and open-source is a bad approach in energy sphere? Than take a look at open-source rockets of Peter Medsen, materials of Open Source Ecology project, open designs of modern drones. These materials show that open-source and open technologies are things that are making our world better while offering brand new opportunities for communities, businesses, for all of us.

Who can participate?
Anyone — enthusiasts, hackers and professionals. Everyone who is interested in creating more open future of the energy sphere. And do not hesitate if you lack some tech skills — the talents of SunnyDay participant amplify each other!

Join us – there will be lots of fun, loads of tech creativity, a friendly number of outstanding people as well as best organizers and partners: EnergyTorrent, GeekWorkspace, greencubator,, NECU, SSA KPI,  GIZ, KhackerSpace, HackLab-Kyiv. All this great company is gathering in the framework of European Week of Sustainble Energy. Join in!

You can register for the event here:

SunnyDay: first Ukrainian solar hackathon

Attention! The dates of the SunnyDay hackathon are changed for June 21-23. SunnyDay is now a part of European Sustainable Energy Week programme 🙂

A first Ukrainian solar hackathon will take place on June 6-8 2014 in Kyiv. A joint event by EnergyTorrent and Geek Workspace will gather hacker teams willing compete for the name of the best solar hacker team and a nice set of prises.


Focus on CSP

The first solar hackathon is focused on concentrated solar power (CSP), namely – on devices concentrating solar light for further usage for generating electricity and heat. CSP is one of the technologies which holds the promise of solving the traditional issues of renewable energy – unpredictable generation of energy from renewable sources. Combining CSP with thermal energy storage modules allows to make energy available on demand around the clock while accumulating it at the time when the sunlight is abundant.

Part of EnergyTorrent construction set

We see CSP technologies as one of the components of the EnergyTorrent project which will allow everyone to use locally available renewable energy sources. CSP technology can be used in many diverse ways and combination – from generating thermal energy to generating electricity and co-generation.


Besides the core team organizing SunnyDay, several partners have already joined the event. Among them –, KHakerSpace, Black Energy. We are now in active negotiation with a number of organizations willing to join the hackathon fun.

Updates are coming

This is just an initial announcement. We will soon announce the rules of the hackathon, open up registration. So, many great news are coming 🙂