Photos from SunnyDay – Day, Saturday, June 21th

Help our hackers to make the world greener!

By providing our hackers a mirror or materials to experiment with solar concentrators you’ll help with making solar power more accessible

Not only technology

Sunny hakathon SunnyDay is not just a competition between teams of hackers to win the prize. It is not only tech creativity and work on the best concentration scheme.

ВзаємодопомогаThe desire to share knowledge and skills, the results of work with others is at the heart of this project. Therefore, participants will publish the results of their work in the form of open-source schemes, instructions “How to…” and other documentation.

We will share our work with the whole world, because we believe that the possibility to freely use solar energy and energy democracy - is worth investing time and effort. We believe that over time, our present experiments will grow into new businesses, social and private projects. And everyone without any exception will be able to use the results of our work.

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SunnyDay hackathon invites to make solar energy closer

First Ukrainian solar technology hackathon SunnyDay invites hackers and renewable energy enthusiasts. All those who believe that their tech talents multiplied by joint efforts can make renewable energy closer to each dweller of the planet are invited. All those who are ready to take drills, angle grinders, welding machines and cutters in their hands, those who are not afraid to work with various tools and make practical experiments are invited to join us in Kyiv on June 21-23rd.

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EnergyTorrent and KHackerSpace (Kharkiv) started joint steam engine assembly

Since the last week EnergyTorrent along with Kharkiv-based KhackerSpace started joint effort to assemble a first steam engine. Mykola Khrystenko – one of the active participant of Kharkiv tech community is the leader of the project on the side of our Kharkiv partners.

Mykola Khrystenko makes some magic with 3D printer components @KHackerSpace

Mykola Khrystenko along with a colleague works on the details of 3D printer in KHackerspace


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SunnyDay: first Ukrainian solar hackathon

Attention! The dates of the SunnyDay hackathon are changed for June 21-23. SunnyDay is now a part of European Sustainable Energy Week programme :)

A first Ukrainian solar hackathon will take place on June 6-8 2014 in Kyiv. A joint event by EnergyTorrent and Geek Workspace will gather hacker teams willing compete for the name of the best solar hacker team and a nice set of prises. Continue reading