Долучайтесь до побудови зеленого енергетичного майбутнього разом із EnergyTorrent та Greencubator!


Під час чорнобильських днів (26-27 квітня) команда EnergyTorrent проведе в Києві хакатон “Від атомного минулого до сонячного майбутнього”. Його учасники зможуть самі зібрати сонячний концентратор та поспілкуватись про  рішення, що ведуть нас до справді зеленої енергетики.
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EnergyTorrent Poland announces its first meeting

EnergyTorrent is about open source solutions for renewable energy. It is driven  by international community of people sharing their knowledge with each other working on more  transformative and resilient future for the whole spaceship Earth.


Cohabitat energy hackers with their biomass gasifier

We are happy to announce that the Polish division of EnergyTorrent is about to launch. Very soon energy hackers in Poland will have their own local community of devoted people sharing open source energy designs and solutions with the whole planet :)

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Support energy hackers: SunnyDay team launched crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Support Energy Hackers


This year in August we are organizing a big international hackathon aimed at scaling up the success of SunnyDay – 2014. Engineers and hackers will be competing to design best solar concnetrator solutions which will be released under open-source licence. We think it is good idea to reward those awesome teams. So we have launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to provide great prizes for our teams!

Support solar energy hackers with your donations. Spread the world! Help us make renewable energy more affordable!

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EnergyTorrent team participated in Mini Maker Faire

Team    Design-It-Together (DIT) approach is at the core of the existence and functioning of EnergyTorrent community. In this approach as well as in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) we have much in common with makers – people who (just as we do) think that each of us can do many things. Both using just own hands and brains as well as using them in joint effort for bigger projects. That is why we were not hesitating when they invited us to participate in Kyiv Maker Faire – one of the events gathering people like us – hackers, tinkerers, engineers and tech enthusiasts. Continue reading

SunnyDay registration is now open!


We are more than happy to announce that from now on you can register for SunnyDay international solar challenge. So, if you are solar hacker/engineer, volunteer, spectator or journalist – just fill in this form for preliminary registration for SunnyDay!

Registration form for SunnyDay 2015: https://goo.gl/uLz2kn

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SunnyDay Solar Challenge invites solar hackers!

SunnyDay_logo_no_frame_SMALLEnergyTorrent / Greencubator team is happy to invite hackers/engineers to participate in international solar challenge SunnyDay 2015. It will take place on  August 15-20th in Ukraine and gather solar hackers teams competing in developing the best solar concentration solutions.

This year we decided to scale up the success of our last year’s hackathon. So now SunnyDay is an international solar challenge welcoming hacker/engineer teams from around the globe. What does not change from last year is that there will be lots of tech creativity, fun, informal communication and interesting people.

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